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How To: Cosy Set Ups - Insta Worthy

Now we all love a cosy night in - even more so when we can make it look Insta-worthy!

Here are a couple of my cosy set ups I have done and shown on Instagram...

Checklist for cosy set ups that are Insta-worthy:

  • Cosy drink - depending on the time of year or season this could be a cocktail, Prosecco, hot chocolate or even a smoothie!

  • TV show or movie - be seasonal with Autumnal films if it is that time of year, Christmas films or popular TV shows at the time

  • Food - your image could be totally food focussed or not but food will always make the setting super cosy - who doesn't want snacks?!

  • Get those candles lit and the fairy lights on - this can take an image from OK to super cosy!!

  • Accessories - think about what else will feature in the room. If the tv stand will show or the radiator cover or bath tub, add some accessories to tie it all in!

Then take those snaps! I always take loads from different angles (who doesn't?!).

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