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Bathroom Upgrade On A Budget

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

During Lockdown we decided that it was time to upgrade our bathroom. The bathroom when we moved in was relatively a blank canvas with grey vinyl flooring, white and grey tiles and white painted walls. This made it quite easy to start us off! The first thing we did to make the bathroom look much more luxurious was to...

  • Add a large mirror

This expands the size and appearance of the room itself making the room seem larger! We ordered a mirror sized to the space in the wall and then used mirror glue to secure this to the wall.

Here is the bathroom with the large mirror before we did any other changes.

One additional feature we added was ...

  • A feature floral piece

This adds the essence of luxury. You don't need to go and spend a fortune on this - in fact we did a DIY orchid! You can follow all the steps to make your very own on my Instagram.

During Lockdown my partner, Callum, was tasked with brightening up the bathroom to add that extra glam factor and also to brighten up the space to appear larger. This was particularly important to me as we don't have a window for natural light in the bathroom.

To do this we decided on some marble tiles to add the white but with the featured pattern.

  • Add a light flooring to make the space appear larger

Lucky for me Callum decided to do the tiling himself which of course saved us heaps of money. We had never tiled before so if you want to do this too I would really recommend watching YouTube videos and to just take your time with it to ensure it is all even and secure.

Before putting the tiles down we added a fresh lick of white paint around the bathroom too which helped freshen the space up.

  • Add a fresh layer of paint

Lastly we wanted to add a pop of colour to highlight the brighter space so we decided to up-cycle the DIY orchid by spray painting the orchid bowl copper. We got pink accessories and also added a towel rack to make the use of the space on the wall. The accessories are all linked on the Shop Our Home section.

Here is the bathroom AFTER all those small but massive impact changes:

I hope you enjoyed this blog. The bathroom makeover can be seen more over on our Instagram bathroom reveal here.



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