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5 Steps To Manifesting Positivity | Daily Intention Planner

"Start every day with intention and manifest your dreams into reality"

We all have dreams right? We all have goals? I want you before you start reading this blog to just take a second to think -

What are my goals right now? It could be wanting a new car, it could be wanting a new job, it could be to have health and happiness, it could be to succeed at growing your social presence - whatever it may be just take a second to think of what you really want to achieve.


Now imagine if you focus on them every day and every morning align yourself to positive affirmations and mini goals to get you to your end goal. Sounds great right?

Anyone can do this! You just have to train your brain and mind to have a positive outlook.

What I am going to show you now in this blog is how you can do this in 5 steps!


Now there are a few different products and diaries you can use for this but the one I am going to show you today is from The Purpose Platform.

[Note: this was very kindly gifted to me but all opinions are my own]

As an overview from The Purpose Platform I received:

- Rose gold stay on top sticker set

- Custom name print

- The Luxury Rose Gold Purpose Pen

- The Daily Intention Planner



Have your END goal in mind

Ask yourself the following questions ...

What will this goal bring to my life?

What does this goal mean to me?

Once you have identified your real end goals then you will be able to manifest them by breaking them down into mini goals - but still always keeping the END goal in mind!


Focus on the DO instead of the DO NOT

When you are writing down your goals write them in the form of DOs and not DO NOTs. By this I mean for example if you're goal is to become debt free - your goal would not be "I do not want to be in debt" but instead write it as "I do want to become financially free" or "I do want to become debt free" - something very simple but this plants positive from the first manifestation of your goal.



Now people do this in many different ways and a lot of people find it motivating and positive to physically visualise their goals by creating a goal board. This could include pictures of holidays, a new car, anything that represents to you your goals and what you see and imagine when you have achieved them.

A really good way to do this is also using a Pinterest board. Create a Pinterest board (private if you want then it is only for your eyes) and pin some motivational images or upload some images that represent your goals.

Look at this every morning or place it by your work station or have it as your phone background - it will act as a reminder and positively enforce your goals in your mind every day!

Step #4

Remind and Repeat

Write down your goals. A really good way of doing this is getting The Daily Intention Planner and in your goals write down what you are focussing on - this reminds yourself and affirms what your goals are and helps you achieve them.

Write down what you are grateful for, what you are going to focus on that day and even write in a quote that you will live by for that day.

The Daily Intention Planner is amazing for this and also has a spare page each day so write down your other goals - write down positive acts you want to achieve that day - remember to always write them in the positive method with DOs and not DO NOTs.

You can also reflect on a daily AND weekly basis which is SO important for setting your mind up for the week ahead and planning for SUCCESS.

Step #5

Focus & Let Go

By this what I mean is focus on your goals and the little steps up to them. Remember smaller steps are so important.

This could be with starting to put aside £100 every pay day or saving £5 every grocery shop, having mini milestones for growth such as reaching 500 subscribers - they won't be your final goal but all will have your END goal in mind and are little focus stepping stones to get you there.

Let go - Stop focussing on getting to the final goal tomorrow.

Think instead of the little things you can do now that will help you get to your end goal. A lot of people will have a goal in mind and give up if they don't achieve it quickly. You know the saying "Good things take time"? Well this is the perfect point. If you want to achieve something, manifesting these goals every day with positive affirmations will get you there.

Be patient, be kind and remember what you are grateful for. This WILL make you manifest your dreams into a reality.


A big thank you to The Purpose Platform for giving me these amazing products and allowing me to share them with you all.

You can get 10% off any item on their website using code Christina10 (limited time only).

Thank you for reading & catch you soon!


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