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Emma Original - Mattress & Topper Review!

You may have seen by now our bedroom makeover happened recently and one of the companies we had the honour to work with was Emma Mattress. Now, I wanted to review the mattress and topper after a good few weeks to really get a good feel for it and to be able to give you all an honest review.

Emma Mattress very kindly gifted us their Emma Original in the King size as well as their Emma Mattress Protector.

A quick little bit of information about the Emma Original mattress and why we were super excited to try this out...

  • The mattress claims to be perfect for all types of sleepers

  • The mattress regulates temperature

  • Made of high-quality foam that adapt to your body

  • The mattress can be washed as it has a zip cover over the foam

  • Of course it is UK mattress awarded

When the mattress and protector first arrived they were packaged in boxes which made it super easy for us to store until our new bed arrived. Previously when we have had a new mattress they come just as they are and it makes it so awkward to

  1. Get it in and on the bed (especially as we live in a flat building but up stairs too would be a pain!)

  2. To store if needed like we had to ...

So this was already a big thumbs up from us.

Here are the boxes when they arrived and were put in our second bedroom ...

When our new bed arrived it was super easy to get the mattress out the box and then we just had to let it air and rise! It was nap ready in minutes but we just let it air out for the day as the bed arrived very early in the morning :)

Once we had let the mattress 'grow' we decided to put the mattress protector on!

And then of course Vinnie decided to get straight on it to try it out for us ;)

So .... the review!

Now we have got the descriptions and processes out of the way... what do we think?! To be totally honest with you guys ... we LOVE IT!

I can hand on heart tell you it is the comfiest mattress I personally have ever slept on and we sleep like babies. My partner, Callum, was struggling with back pain and waking up in pain but now that has got SO much better since getting this mattress.

A key point I also want to share with you .. for us this mattress hardness is perfect, it is still soft but not too soft so you still feel supported but also super cosy. However, if you get the mattress and decide it isn't quite right - just let them know and they can send you an additional layer of foam fit to your needs to add in and voila!

The communication from the company was excellent as well which always helps and is really important in my eyes for a company to care about their customers so that is also an additional bonus I want to share with you guys.

In terms of the mattress topper, it is super thick and really adds that extra layer of luxury so this being paired with the Emma Original is the perfect combination.

If you have been eyeing this up then make sure you head over to their website and checkout using code CHRISSY26 for 26% off. This would make a saving of £160 on the Emma Original King Size!!

Please note that the discount code is time limited.

I hope you have found this review useful and any questions my DM is always open!



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