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How To Get Your Instagram Grid Theme

Some of the most popular questions I get regarding my Instagram are ... “How do you get your feed pink?” “how do you edit your photos?” “what filter do you use?” - The answer is to be honest very simple! I will go through how I edit my images to keep my theme and hopefully this will help you create your own theme!

A snapshot of my Instagram grid so you can see what my theme is/looks like ...

The first step is to really know what sort of theme you want go with! Is it crisp and white? Is it warm and cosy? Is it cool tones? Or pink tones?

Deciding this will help you figure out the best approach to editing for your theme!

I do recommend to not over edit your pictures so trying to do the least for the highest impact is really the goal!

The following apps are the ones I use to achieve my pink theme...

Lightroom (this is free to use) Instagram itself

Photo editing on the iPhone photos section

That’s it - nothing fancy or technical! It is just finding what works for you and you can do that with free apps like these. There are always presets for Lightroom that people sell which you can purchase and they aren’t expensive - a lot of Etsy sellers do these so if you want that then go for it! I just find each photo is slightly different so struggle to have one filter just work for everything.

Again - this is just for me - whatever works for you!

The first step

When I first choose my photo I want to use I actually use the Instagram story filters to first get the tone of the image. I really like these as they don’t edit your image, thet just add a tone over it and they’re super easy and consistent!

Let’s do an image for reference ...

Here is an original image that has had no editing. Of course ideally for all photos natural lighting is the most ideal so I try to capture a much of photos on a sunny day. As we live in the UK this is not always easy lol so if not then just increase the brightness levels to fake this!


The filters I really like on Instagram stories is “Jaipur” - gives you that pink tone - and “Cairo” a cool tone to the image. Simply go to Instagram stories, upload the image you want to put a tone over - adjust the size so the whole image is in (you can crop this after) - and then swipe across to display the filter options and simply save the image when you like the tone and then crop it so it is just the image itself.

Now you’ve seen the original completely unedited image let me show you what the filters on the stories look like.


You can see this has automatically added the pink tone to the image.


This filter adds that brighter cooler tone to the image which I do really like and is a bit more subtle.

Now it is totally up to you if you are using this method to keep them as they are or to adjust them slightly. This is where I would use the in photo editing options and adjust them to just fit how I like the images to look.

What I adjust:

For Jaipur I want to just cool it down a little so will usually adjust the warmth ever so slightly and sharpen the image.

For Cairo I will increase the tone of the image adding slightly more of a pink hue to the photo and again sharpen the image.

Note: I will always sharpen the image as I find that the filters on the stories loses some of the sharpness of the image so doing this just brings that image quality back.

Now these additional steps are just what I do as it is how I like them. Here you can use the Lightroom app to adjust your brightness levels or colour levels further or if you prefer this instead of the in photo editing.

One tip is if you like how your photo is edited in Lightroom once you have played around with the settings - you can save this as a preset by going to the three dots on the top right hand side - and then selecting create preset.

When you save this, the next time you upload an image into lightroom just scroll across the bottom menu bar and go to presets and you can select this and it will edit the image with those exact same settings. I have done this and have a selection that I like however sometimes they don’t work for certain images - depending on the lighting - type of image etc. But it is a great time saver and great for consistency too!

Following these steps I have managed to have a more consistent theme for my Instagram grid.

If you are unsure on how you want your grid to look or how it will look with your editied images - download the app called PLANOLY - this will allow you to upload images and arrange them as if they were on an Instagram grid so you can see what they will all look like together!

I hope this has been super helpful - if it has please do let me know and I can’t wait to see your grids!



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