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How To: ReOrganise Your Kitchen!

Have you ever been cooking and you've gone to reach for a particular spice and you are hunting through your kitchen cupboards for ages until you find the right one?

Does having an unorganised cupboard stress you out?

Well, keep reading as I am going to show you some easy and quick methods to reorganise that kitchen space to be one that you LOVE again!

Whether you have a small kitchen or a large kitchen, the cupboards always end up unorganised - right?! I too had this issue so I decided to do a final reorganise of the cupboards that would actually last and not just get messy again down the line!

I found the most amazing small business who provides organisation storage solutions that actually look good too!

@hampshirehometrends are a homeware & storage solution company that offer kitchen storage to pet storage.

Let's get on with the organising.... this was what my kitchen cupboards looked like before (you can see I tried (emphasis) to be organised previously but *shock* it didn't last too long.

*Screams Inside*

And this is what I got it to look like after organising using @hampshirehometrends storage solutions

During this reorganise and learning from my past 5 reorganising tasks that did not last... I learnt the follow:

  • Labels are your best friend. Having baskets that you can put anything in, even if you begin by having them organised, will end up with anything being added to them!

  • Storage containers - don't make the mistake I did and just have some pretty baskets that organise your items. Like I said, you will just add more and more to them! Instead get fit to purpose storage jars like my pasta, spaghetti, rice etc ones. They only have in them what they are meant to and you can't go ahead and start adding random other items to them - and they look very satisfying!

  • Plan your storage around the labels you want. I personally looked into my cupboards and categorised everything and assigned labels for them. @Hampshirehometrends then made up all of these in the jars for me so that I knew what I was getting would match what I needed!

  • Finally, get creative!! Storage can look good AND be practical. Make it fit your colour theme and you will get excited about how it looks and I promise you you will want to keep organising. Hampshire home trends can accommodate to your colour scheme whether that's silver or rose gold like mine!

One last thing, storage doesn't just have to be inside your cupboards!! Why not get a hot chocolate station or some gorgeous oil pourers to sit on the countertops?

Go check out @hampshirehometrends - click here for their website.

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